Entirely cloud-based – No special software needed to be installed. Access it from anywhere with your desktop computer/laptop or on your phone.

User Base System – each user has his own privileges, Admin, Manager, Clark & Field Technician

Operation Calendar – View your scheduled customers by month or daily.

Client Management – input customers information and search clients history & clients reports.

Estimate Service – Submit and save the initial service estimate charges for customers.

Closing Service – Submit the final service pricing for customers and compare it to the estimate.

Billing – Summit customers payment. Cash, checks & Credit cards information. View customer balance and payment and print invoices.

Printing – Print Estimates & Invoices for customers with your company logo & information.

Google Mapping – 1 Click to view customer address on Google Maps directly from the calendar.

Employees Assign – Assign employees to jobs, view them on the calendar, submit wages by hourly rate or % commission to each job.

Office Employee Time & Attendance – office employee time records in and out

Vehicles Assign – Assign vehicles to jobs and view them on the operation calendar.

Affiliate Agents Assign – able you to track jobs that you received from affiliated companies to do or you sold them to perform. By flat rate commission or % commission.

Storage Management – Assign storage information for customers that have items in storage.

Claim Management – Manage claim information for damages & problems that customers have with your service.

Mobile Field access – Let you log in with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry to your customer information. Field Technicians can set up to view only their assigned work and only there’s today and day after schedule.

Jobs Reports – View and print customers reports by range of dates with all the information like date of service, address, “how did you hear about us”, estimate price VS Final price and totals.

Employees Report – View and print employees wages by range of dates of all their assign jobs.

Storage Reports – View and print all jobs that are in your storage facility.

Agents Report – View and print affiliate agents report for service jobs that you sold or received from them.